How The Movie Girls Trip Inspired Me To Face My Fears And Travel Alone!

dasch traveling alone

Girls Trip: The Ultimate Expression of Black Sisterhood

Hey Cheries Hey! I know it’s been a while since I brought you a new episode of my podcast The Spill, or gave you all updates on my Young, Wild, & 23 journey, but I’m alive, and still passionate about delivering content for black girls, by this black girl, spiced with a little Haitian flavor! I recently watched the movie Girls Trip, and as I sat in the theatre dreaming of my own girls trip with my friends, it dawned on me that I don’t have that tight nit circle of friends that have been through it since high school or college. What I do have is a few amazing young women in my life that are so busy chasing their dreams, me included, that we never find the right time, with the right financial situation, to get together and see the world.

In The End, I Found Out I Only Have Me, Myself, and I

I say all that to say that I don’t want to always rely on having someone there to have a new life experience. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve struggled with the fear of traveling alone, and that fear brought me some rough times when I travelled to Ghana, Africa for two months my sophomore year of college. I went with someone I considered a friend, and two weeks after we got there, we didn’t even talk to each other. Flying back home, basically by myself, I realized how dependent I was on traveling with someone. Although Ghana was life changing for me, and I still keep in contact with my close friend I met while there, being at the airport after two months out of the country and finding myself traveling alone really made me face some shit. Myself. I knew after that day that if I could face my fears by traveling alone in another country, then I could surely handle being alone in my own stomping grounds. It’s been a shaky time since then, losing friends, gaining new ones, reconnecting with older ones, and in that time I’ve traveled to Los Angeles, California, Tallahassee, Florida, and Chicago, Illinois alone, but in the back of my mind I still want to have that ultimate girls trip!

Not Everyone Has A Travel Bug

We’ve all been there, ready to plan a trip with the ride or dies in our life, and then we’re met with our biggest traveling fear, the cancellations: someone can no longer travel because of work, or another can’t get out of a school thing, or suddenly money becomes a bigger issue than it has to be, and the trip fails, people get upset, and then everyone wishes they had just went on the trip because it was, at the time, something they needed to do. I’ve had so many of those moments, from wanting to go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, trips to the Bahama, Key West, Washington D.C, to the biggest one, Essence Festival, and each of those times I looked back wondering why I hadn’t just brought my ticket and went.

Traveling Alone Isn't So Bad

Watching the bond between Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish, and Regina Hall in New Orleans, Louisiana in Girls Trip, inspired me to travel more and experience life, even if it means traveling alone. Of course, going with a group of my closest friends would be amazing, and it’s something I still want to do, but I’m no longer willing to wait for everyone’s stars to align. As a writer and an artist, I spend most of my time alone in a comfy corner writing my next book, or painting my next masterpiece (at least trying to lol). Rarely do I get the chance to travel or go out and socialize, so when I do find something I would enjoy, my first instinct is to try to get someone else to go with me, be it a music festival, a wellness retreat, or an open mic night. Sometimes it happens, and the night is great, but most times plans are cancelled, get togethers are postponed (aka we ain’t neva going), and I’m left wishing I’d just gone my damn self!

Word of Advice

So if you have a girls trip you’re planning, make the best of the memories you’ll share together, but if they flake, don’t let fear convince you that you can’t still go. Of course, be safe wherever your travels take you, and be comfortable with enjoying life on your own. I made a promise to myself this year that I would dare to do things on my terms, and experience life and the people in it. That starts with me being comfortable with seeing the world by any means necessary, even if it means I’ll be doing it ALL BY MYSELF!