Letters To An Angel: Vol 2

Courtesy of Briana Mcham Facebook

For Briana McHam On the 2 Year Anniversary Of Her Death

Everyday I try to be a better friend. A friend like you. The kind of friend that gives out so much love without expecting anything back, but receives it anyways. I think of all that you were and were getting ready to be and I start to think that God put you in our lives to show us how to be better people. How to love with everything we have, and be there for the people we love. God had a plan for you to impact so many lives with the little time you had, and I will always think of you as the light that keeps on shining. Fly High Briana McHam, Fly High!
— Daschielle Louis

These past two years I have copped with your loss through my poetry, and you have made me stronger. Made me accept myself for who I am, and continue to push me to become who I need to be. This piece of poetry is for you.

For Briana M.

i still think of your death as my lifes mystery.

the case that keeps my eyes pinned to the chaos

of color in my disillusioned darkness. how many

hours do i have to find the truth.


unpack claims of dehydration being the palms

that pushed you off a cliff, or made you fall.

made you stumble, or slip, or go to sleep without

a sound.


i want to know if you smiled in pain, knowing

your destiny would be warm and welcoming, and kiss

you before reassuring your safety. did you cry

love? did you ache?


did you have feeling, like the ones you showered

all over the people you cared for. the sweet

love you had in abundance. did they hold you gently,

the people whose fingers carried you, or your body


or the piece you left behind because i still tell

myself you’ll be back soon. youll laugh soon. give

more of your love soon, or just the space for

me to do the same for you.


a moment for us to share a smile, and in that

moment, i tell you how much i am proud of you.

how sure i am that your love will stain everything

and everyone you show a piece of your smile to.

and i will remember you in this way until I can

sleep fully aware that youre not here