The Birds and The Trees

The Return Home

Moving out of a college town and into a regular ass city, I have found that the people I have had the misfortune of meeting have been ignorant to the progressive thinking and open dialogue that I have enjoyed, and become accustomed to. Now, I am not at all bashing people for being stuck in their ways, and thinking that they co wrote the bible called Life and How To Live It. I actually enjoy people that at the very least know how to listen to your opinion, and share the mechanics of their own perspective. These are individuals that I can learn and grow from. The people that have a story behind the shit that comes out of their mouths. That isn't the same as a bird. Hear them chirp. Hear them sing like they sound like a hummingbird when they sound like a rat. A very fat city rat! These make up almost 45% of the people I have met in the past year. People that will purposefully put you down because they fear being wrong. Fear being ill equip with the basics of common sense.  

Haters Gonna Hate

What has bothered me the most though, is how much we as a human race lack communication skills. So, I am a part of an organization where I am serving my community. With service, always comes people that actually care about the community and people they are serving, and people that gave all of their fucks to a duck crossing the road. While serving, I have met individuals that have had various life experiences that range from military service, domestic violence, mental health counseling, to working with youth, people with disabilities, and other social issues. Each of us has our own privileges, and we carry that into every conversation and interaction we have with the people around us, so what's the problem? 

Dealing With Intersectionality

Whenever I meet new people, two things always come to mind. I am college educated, and I am a college educated black woman. Some people will read that and get it. Some won't. That's the point. Being a black woman, and being educated is something that I have, for some reason that may only exist in my head, found to be fucking difficult! As a woman, things are already a challenge when I am in a space dominated by men. Then I add my crown of blackness, and that become an issue for me because sometimes I feel like people don’t value what I have to say based on those two things. And again, this is an insecurity that was born and festers in my mind. Nothing on the outside may pen more paragraphs to this narrative, but too often is does, even if I am the only one that notices the body language, or the forced smile, or the eyes that would rather look at everything else instead of me, the black girl in the room. Then comes my credentials, my years of experience in entrepreneurship, education, and my literary, photography, and videography abilities. I can walk and talk at the same damn time. I rarely start talking when I have nothing valuable to say, and I feel like the intersections of my personality being introduced to birds for the first time just knocks them right off my windowsill. They no longer know what to do with this creature that God gave the earth to bend shit backwards.  

Put Em Between A Rock and A Hard Place

So I'm convinced that this year, I will have to continue to make people uncomfortable with the complexities of my identity. I have met inspiring individuals that have shared their journey with me, and through that, I have grown and changed some silly shit about myself that I never knew was so. But the point of it all is that there will always be birds, perched up on trees, that chirp their favorite tune of bullshit. They won't change until something about themselves moves, and evolves, and learns that they are silly. Always have been, and always will be, and that's fine. It's life.