New Levels, New Devils

Unsolicited Attention

It's always the same story. You get a piece of what you always wanted, and then BOOM!! People start to give you the side eye, their logic shape shifts into bullshit, and when you try and share your valid perspective, they call you arrogant. They tell you how much you've changed, and how they want to support you, but feel like you are trying to remind them of what they don't have. As if you had time to ponder the series of their unfortunate events while trying to find a space to revel in your own success.  

Bring Out The Devils

There is nothing wrong in being proud of yourself, but that same pride, that same confidence, that same moment of feeling like you can finally walk without your shoulders aching in pain and your mind racing with thoughts of your purpose on earth, is exactly what now annoys the people around you. They will tell you that something about you has changed. Your clothes might be brighter or more interesting than usual, your skin is glowing now, and they finally notice how wide you can smile. They will put all of these "new things" about you into a box and throw it into a river because they don’t want to see you in this way. All happy and shit. All excited and zesty. Fuck your zest!  

They want you to pull your hair out on the floor of your closet as the thick air of your heavy breathing tattoos anxiety into your chest. They want you to need them. To make them feel fuller than they are, and they will feed off of your doubt and remind you that things will happen for you. Eventually. Eventually you will get yourself up to where they are. The hollow space they have filled with themselves and packed tightly so that there is more there to the eye than what is real. 

Level Up

You have to understand that the levels to the mix of life gets harder to manage as you move closer to the thing you want most. You have to pick and choose the moments in your life that you share because the energy of pity Devils will drain. Take every ounce they can to create a sense of worth to throw back into your face, so every level you move towards in life will have its own set of shit. Surround yourself with people that serve a positive purpose in your life, no matter the capacity, no matter where you are in your moment. If they love to hate you now, you'll hate the love they create to bring you back to where you started.